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Welcome! I'm Emma. This is where I write. It's mostly for me. It's a space where I can be creative, think, feel, practice discipline, and put things, but you're welcome here too!
January 21 2018 - Quote of the Day
January 18 2018 - Awesome human
Ron Finley, the guerrilla gardener
This man grows food on grassy space in between the road and the sidewalk in South Central LA to provide for his neighbors in a food desert and create a sense of place in his community. He is a huge inspiration to me!
January 15 2018 - Quote of the Day
January 12 2018 - Infographic of the Day, from Girlboss
January 9 2018 - Recommendation of the Day
Eat like you give a f***
We've been chatting about resolutions here on the mini blog, and you've got to check this one out if you're trying to eat healthier!

Thug Kitchen is a triple threat - entertaining, delicious, and vulgar. What more could you ask for? Thug Kitchen is a vegan cookbook with instructions full of profanity. First you flip through it and laugh, thinking, "who writes this thing"!? But then, after making your first recipe, you will know that this isn't just a look book. The recipes in Thug Kitchen are full of flavor and are fairly easy to make. Using this cookbook has not only taught me how to eat more fruits and vegetables but also how to enjoy cooking.
January 6 2018 - Article of the Day
Not everything was bad in 2017
So, some crappy things happened in 2017. Most of them were a domino effect of January 21st 2017, and really November 8th 2016, and honestly, even further back than that. But just because there's an incompetent, sexist, rude racist acting as leader of the free world, does not mean everything in 2017 was horrible. Here are 99 things that were great about 2017.
January 3 2018 - Thought of the Day
"Resolutions" for 2018
The gym is packed, Blue Apron has a ton of new orders, the produce section of the grocery store is full of people, strangers are smiling at you as they walk down the street... it's New Year Resolution season. I get it, the holidays throw you off your schedule, and a new start means it's time to over compensate for what happened the week before.

But instead of creating resolutions this year, I set some intentions, mantras, themes, and goals for 2018!

1. Create more than I consume. Mostly I just like this intention because it sounds hippie. It's also not super tangible. But I know that I am a happier person when I am creating instead of purchasing. Looking at the craft supplies all over my apartment, I'm thinking that 2018 will be the year of crafts, design, art, and creation! I hope to do more creating in how I eat, what I bring into my home, and how I spend my time.

1a. Eat out just three times per month. I've decided to take this one on as a game or challenge! I set up a calendar and check off each day that I eat at home, instead of eating out. Not only with this help with my creation goal, but it's very useful for saving money and eating healthy. The reason I've struggled with this in the past is because my life is typically spent on the go, and eating out is easier than packing food to bring along. But this year, it is a puzzle for me to figure out. How can I best nourish and sustain myself through my own creations.**

2. Run a sub 1:30 half. So this is a stretch goal. But it's fun to have something to work towards! Even if I don't meet this fast goal this year, I will definitely improve my running, have fun being competitive with myself again, and maybe set groundwork to meet it next year!

3. Run fast, live slow. I'm learning how your early twenties are for figuring out what type of person you want to be. Run fast, live slow is another one of those mantras that sounds good, but isn't quite tangible. But these are my "resolutions" so I can make them what I want! I'll do my best to create a theme of reflection and pause that runs through this year, to make it a year of less urgency and more presence.

**This doesn't include coffee, because as an individual who works from home, I gotta get out and go to a coffee shop sometime. Also doesn't include other people paying for my meals... I'll take you up on that any day!
December 31 2017 - Art by Timothy Goodman
December 28 2017 - Thought of the day
Some predictions for 2018
Will 2018 be as chaotic as 2017? What will happen in American politics? Who will have the top album of the year? What will be the biggest headlines? Which sports teams will come out on top? Will any celebrities crash and burn? No knows... but we can make predictions!

Here are some things that I think will happen in 2018... and the bets I made if I'm wrong.

1. Muller will seek indictment for Jared Kushner.
If I'm wrong about this one, I have to hang a poster of Jared in my room for two weeks.

2. Trump will turn on a family member. He'll reject them instead of defending them.
The punishment for getting this wrong is sincerely complimenting a member of the Trump family.

3. Amazon will choose Atlanta for HQ2.
If not, I must buy a $5 item off of Amazon with either excellent, terrible, or hilarious reviews.

4. John Ossoff will not win Georga's 6th district.
But if he does win, I'll do 3 hours of community service.

5. John Kelly doesn't make it through 2018 on Trump's team, but Kellyanne does.
Being wrong about this means I have to retweet Kellyanne.

Wish me luck!
December 25 2017 - Thought of the day
A year of the mini blog
It's been almost a year of the mini blog! This project brought me many unexpected surprises. I came into the mini blog without many expectations of what it would be like, but I through this writing, I found joy, I laughed, I learned about myself, and I figured out some of my own emotions.

Having a corner of the internet that is solely for my own use allows me to have space to enjoy the creative process of writing, thinking, learning, and growing. It leaves room for the process to flourish and grow free of any outside expectations or requirements. We could all use a creative space like that.
December 22 2017 - Thought of the day
Recognizing and noticing
I recently began writing about things I've noticed and experienced during my day, and it's been very enlightening. Before I began writing, it was easy to push my feelings aside, and tell myself that I shouldn't have these feelings. But once I began writing, my attitude turned from "get those emotions, longings, and dreams out of here" to curiosity and empathy. Rather than judging my feelings, I'm learning how to first notice them, question them, and sit with them. Removing myself from the judgement seat and stepping into a place with a little more distance and an outsider's perspective created more empathy and understanding for my own self. Recognizing what's happening in my head and my heart without trying to change is liberating for me.
December 19 2017 - Playlist of the day
Christmas Playlist
We all know that Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas Is You is by far the best Christmas song. But, there are actually other good ones. Here's a playlist for proof.
December 16 2017 - Thought of the day
Walking in the city
Recently I walked a mile and a half through the city (then back!) to go meet a friend for a run, and I recognized my joy in walking. This mini blog post isn't about crazy amounts of exercise, but it's actually about how walking in the city is one of my new favorite activities.

Walking through a city's downtown is far superior to walking anywhere else, especially if this is a mode of transportation for you. From my apartment in Atlanta to the closest library, it's about 1.5 miles. Similarly, from my home in Charlottesville is about 1.5 miles to the closest library. But the walk in Atlanta is far more enjoyable than the walk in Charlottesville. In Atlanta, you walk next to a 4 lane road, with cars driving maybe 30 miles an hour, intermingled with bikes. There are at least 6 stoplights along my walk, and multiple businesses, restaurants, and homes very close to the road. The sidewalks are wide and full of all sorts of pedestrians.

On the other hand, in Charlottesville, to get to the library you walk along a narrow sidewalk beside an 8 to 10 lane road with cars going at least 45 miles per hour. Don't even think about looking out to see a bike anywhere along the route.

In a city, walking 1.5 miles (or more!) is a completely viable form of transportation. You get out of the hustle and bustle of the cars and breathe in the air around you. There are plenty of captivating images and sounds to grab your attention as you stroll. A walk is a great time to slow down, notice the city around you, and get sucked into the dance of the city. The suburbs or even parts of the city that are further away from a downtown area can't offer this same sense of energy and peace on walks.

Even if it takes longer, using walking as transportation is often worth it to me. When else do you get to slow down, see the city from a new perspective, and take part in the ballet of the city sidewalks? I call this is a cross between a meditative experience and an energizing way to embrace life in the city. I'm taking it upon myself to get out, move, and participate in my city.
December 13 2017 - Thought of the day
Good use of words?
One of my favorite podcasts has a segment called "Good use of polling or bad use of polling" in which they discuss mostly political polls, and whether or not they are done well. In that same vein, I have recently taken to the idea of judging other people's use of words. Here is a list of what I think of as bad uses of words, and ways to improve them:

Bad Use of Words
1. Atlanta Festivity Trees
2. Princess parking, all others will be towed
3. Easter Egg Explosion
My Improvement
1. Atlanta FestiviTREES
2. Princess parking, all others will be TOAD
3. Easter EGGxplosion
December 10 2017 - Image of the day
December 7 2017 - Thought of the day
What a freaking weasel word! Interesting is a word people use when they are at a loss for all other words. I'd like a little more precision and creativity in language than that. Here are some suggestions of words to use other than "interesting." Please, consider your word choice wisely.
1. Fascinating
2. Captivating
3. Intriguing
4. Exciting
5. Compelling
6. Engrossing
7. Thought-provoking
8. Alluring
9. New
10. Striking
11. Diverting
12. Engaging
13. Unique
14. Gripping
15. Curious
16. Unprecedented
17. Refreshing
18. Creative
19. Stimulating
20. Delightful
December 4 2017 - Question of the day
What is our adventure for the day?
What if this was our thought each morning? What if this was how we lived out our lives? Waking up, looking forward to deciding what our new adventure was each day? What if we lived lives full of curiosity, wonder, and exploration? That's what I'd like to do.
December 1 2017 - Picture of the day
The Snowflake Oasis
The apartment that I live in turned into my very own "Snowflake Oasis." With big windows comes big responsibility, and I think I used them well. Not only do these snowflake bring me joy by allowing winter to come in and creating beautiful, transforming shadows during the day and night, but I hope they also bring happiness to people walking by! I hope that those who choose to look up and pay attention are given a sliver of joy!
November 25 2017 - Quote of the Day
November 22 2017 - Thought of the day
Who am I without work?
Recently, I've been asking questions about my identity. The most current question is who am I without work? What does it mean if I don't have work? Do I still have a reason to exist? Do I still create value and meaning? Is there a purpose? Who am I and what does it mean if I don't work?

This is a big, terrifying question. It's life or death here, people! If I place my identity, my value, and my worth in work, it's terrifying to take that away!

But over the course of many counseling sessions, lots of conversations with friends, and many hours spent thinking about this, when I take the work away and look at what's left, I'm beginning to see creativity, empathy, and authenticity.

I've seen that my creativity comes out in many other ways besides just my work. I've seen it in how I decorate my apartment, in how I spend time with friends, in what I make, in cooking, and in my writing. I know that I am empathetic in the ways that I care about others, long to make them happy, and have a desire to serve. I also know that I am a person who will always march to the beat of my own drum, without giving a single fuck about what anyone else thinks about me.

While it's been uncomfortable, asking these questions about my identity is rewarding, and even joyful. I would still say I am no where close to "figuring it all out" and know that this is an ever changing process, but I am beginning to see a life outside of my work, and the ways that I as a human create value and meaning, serve a purpose, and hold an identity.
November 19 2017 - Thought of the day
Weasel Words
I had an editing professor in college that I will never forget. He made me laugh so hard I cried. More than once. He taught me lessons about using common sense, checking your work, learning when to play the system and when to partake in it, and empathy.

He gave us an assignment to read an essay called "Weasel Words" and ever since then I hated the word "help" because it doesn't actually mean ANYTHING! I read this essay approximately once a year to remind myself of the writer I don't want to be.
November 16 2017 - Image of the day
Thank you Mari Andrew
If you haven't heard of Mari Andrew, please check her out! She creates beautiful illustrations about vulnerability, emotions, creativity, and the ins and outs of life. I find them to be very relatable!
November 13 2017 - Question of the day
Do robots have empathy?
My hypothesis is that humans will still be needed in work and on this earth because we have empathy (or at least most of us do). I think we're irreplaceable as long as we have empathy. Can you write AI software with empathy? And really, do software developers have empathy to teach robots how to have empathy?
November 10 2017 - Thought of the day
Things to love about Fall
Cold isn't my favorite season. I'm annoyed by pumpkin spice everything, people getting engaged, running in cold weather, and being freezing in the morning and hot in the afternoon. So instead of bemoaning the coming cold weather, I've decided to try to embrace it.

1. Leaves falling means there will be more sunlight in my windows.
2. Dressing in layers can be cute.
3. It's appropriate to spend more time in bed during cold weather.
4. Fall colors are beautiful!
5. I don't get drenched in sweat each time I walk outside.
5. Each passing day gets us closer to summer?
November 7 2017 - Internet Awesomeness
A virtual care package
The age of Trump is difficult for many Americans. Following the news can lead us spiraling into despair and depression pretty quickly, if we aren't careful. And though I don't have a solution to the underlying problem, I hope that this can make you feel better, even if just for a mere matter of moments.

Presenting... A virtual care package: Reclaiming the internet's goodness in the age of Trump! Though it won't get rid of the man or the problems, the hope is that it will divert your attention, at least momentarily, reminding us of the good in the world. The virtual care package can be sent to friends, family, colleagues, heck... even strangers! It's a curated collection of joyful moments.

1. Scroll through this lighthearted Twitter Feed to see cute dogs who are loved by the internet.
2. Here are some people who are dressed to match art.
3. Seeing Obama lose his chill around kids will make you laugh and cry.
4. Look at these pictures and you will just have to smile.
5. George Washington and comic sans quotes may make take your mind off our current president.
6. Listen to this pep talk!
November 4 2017 - Thought of the day
Election thoughts
So as you know, Atlanta's mayoral election is happening very soon. There is a candidate running, who shall remain unnamed, who is entirely unqualified and in over his head. I am going to relay a quote that he said at a forum the other day and then get up on my soapbox.

"This is the very first political thing I've done but I felt like I had a lot of things that had to be said"

First of all, let me make sure I heard this right. This person is running for office because he thinks people need to hear what he has to say? Running for office is not at all about making YOUR voice heard. Being elected is a responsibility that requires listening to constituents and acting on behalf of them. This could mean voting and acting against your personal best interest for the interest of the community as a whole. This means listening to underserved populations and acting to support them. Running for office is never meant to be about you, your interests, or your thoughts. It's about you being the liaison for a community and constituents. It's about you listening and representing your community. Being a representative is about fighting for your constituents once you know what they need, it's not pushing your ideas on other people. No one cares what you have to say, we care if you are going to represent us.
November 1 2017 - Update
It was determined that the best costume for 2017 was Atlanta's I85 bridge fire and collapse. Taaa-daaa...
Emma D'Antoni
October 29 2017 - Thought of the day
How to cope with the winter
Ughhhh it's getting SO COLD in Atlanta. Like it's dropped below 55 degrees. So I made a list of coping mechanisms for those of us who are kind of broke and don't just want to run the heat all day.

1. Buy a Christmas scented candle, then burn it all the time so the cold feels festive
2. Blankets and sweatshirts all day long
3. Decorate your apartment with snowflakes
4. Spend as much time as possible in a public place with heat
5. Exercise in your apartment
6. Don't turn on the fan when you shower to try to fog up the whole place
7. Soup, chili, tea, hot chocolate, pizza, etc.
8. Get out your parka and wear it all the time

Don't worry mom... I'm doing fine...
October 26 2017 - Internet awesomeness
The fight for HQ2
Y'all. It's getting crazy out there. Here's a list of all the "thirsty shit" cities are doing to entice Jeff and co to move to their city. And oh yes, thirsty is the right word for it.
October 23 2017 - Thought of the day
The gig economy
Because I fully embraced my millennial-ness, I work the gig economy. And let me start by saying that there are many wonderful things about working the gig economy.

In the gig economy, I get a lot of flexibility. Some days my work starts at 5:30am, other days it starts at 10:30am. Sometime I get Tuesdays completely off, but am working on Saturday morning. The flexibility is wonderful. I also get to work on things that I am passionate about. I get to make a podcast, and work on Fit with Friends because I am afforded the flexibility and freedom to do so. In the gig economy, somedays I get to stay home and work from my bed. And as a fitness instructor, I also occasionally get paid to workout, which is a wonderful perk. In many ways, I am my own boss. I get to create my own schedule and determine when to work and when to call it a day.

But being a millennial in the gig economy isn't all rainbows and butterflies. I often struggle with the fact that there are no set hours. Because I don't work from 9-5, it becomes very easy for me to feel guilty when I take time away from my projects (like Fit with Friends or the ATL Showdown) to relax, because there is always something else to do. Striking a balance of when to work and when to rest is difficult because of the guilt that comes with taking time off. At the same time, my projects often start as something fun, but then they very quickly turn into a work-side-hustle-hobby, which can add more pressure and take away some of the joy that was present when it was all for fun.

While I can't say definitively that working the gig economy or working 9-5 is better, but I can say that as I go through seasons of my life, work will probably play different roles. I am excited to walk through these thoughts about what work means, how it plays into my identity, and how it changes through my life.
October 20 2017 - Thought of the day
NC State opened a new amazing, beautiful library my freshman or sophomore year. It is amazing and beautiful. This week, one of the architects from the firm that designed the library come to speak in Atlanta. AND IT WAS INCREDIBLE! The firm is called Snohetta, and it was Craig Dykers who came and spoke. Their work includes incredibly creative libraries, a reindeer watching pavalion, the Norwegian Opera House, a five story indoor playground, and much more! Take a look!
October 17 2017 - Thought of the day
What can we learn from vacation
I just got back from my summer vacation. Yes, in October. But, there were some things I learned from my time away.

1. I need childlike play in my life! I got to spend time with some of my favorite people, laughing, playing, giggling, making up games, and doing the usual antics. I learned how good it feels to be with "your people" when you don't have to do anything but be yourself.

2. Being in nature is refreshing. The mountains, sky, sea, and sound are beautiful and refresh my soul! The air is fresh and the scenery restores my soul. I come alive when I am outside in nature, and it's a nice break from the traffic full city of Atlanta.

3. I need balance. I fell behind on some of my projects while on vacation. I could have stressed out about it, but instead I decided to breath and take my time in catching up on these projects. Instead of overwhelming myself in the week back from vacation, I've decided to mix in some work and some rest.

4. I can find peace, play, and balance any time, not just vacation. I can bring these feelings back with me, find them in Atlanta, or create them!
October 14 2017 - Thought of the day
Halloween Ideas
Here is a list of things I may want to be for Halloween.

1. Brexit
2. I-85 Bridge Collapse
3. The eclipse
4. The wall
5. The biggest inauguration in history
6. Reclaiming my time
7. Avocado toast
October 11 2017 - Album of the day
So Kesha has a new album out. I like it. I suggest you listen to it. The album is heartfelt, strong, fun, and beautiful.
October 8 2017 - Quote of the day
October 5 2017 - Thought of the day
Spirituality is a journey
People see spirituality in many different ways. I prefer to see spirituality as a journey. Instead of searching for a right or wrong answer, I love the idea of exploration. I decided to ask questions, learn, and come to spirituality and religion with an open mind. Somedays I believe in the grace of God, and some days I believe this is all there is. I get to learn and decide for myself in an ever changing process. I am free to explore, question, wonder, believe, doubt, and be curious.
October 2 2017 - Quote of the day
September 29 2017 - Podcast of the day
Modern Love
Surprise! I found a new podcast! Thanks to a suggestion from a friend, I started listening to Modern Love. This is a podcast from NPR Boston with celebrities reading pieces published in the Modern Love New York Times Column.

One of my favorite essays and podcast episodes is about a woman who works in a flower shop. Give it a listen!
September 26 2017 - Thought of the day
People are kind
Even if our president is not.

Yesterday was a tough day for me. I am someone who is typically organized and put together, but yesterday I was not at all.

First, I showed up 20 minutes late to my morning workout class (that I teach!) because I thought I had set three alarms and had only set two. My first alarms went off and I thought, I'll just lay here until the next one goes off... and then I woke up 5 minutes before class.

Second, I forgot my wallet when I went to Trader Joe's. I was on a bike ride and just decided to get groceries. I made it all the way to check out, when I realized I left my wallet at home.

I was a mess yesterday! But people were kind, caring, and generous, making up for my mistakes.

I called the gym to let them know I would be late, and my co-worker taught the first part of class for me! She isn't a trained instructor, but she takes my classes and other classes regularly. She worked with the regular participants to pull together the first part of class before I got there.

At Trader Joe's, while I was in the checkout line, a woman overheard me, ran over, and swiped her card before I could say anything. She told me that someone had done this for her a few weeks ago, and said pay it forward. She said she's been listening for the opportunity and told me to do the same.

As I rode my bike home last night, after a mess of a day, with kind people helping me out, I was thankful for the generosity granted to me. I'd say this has been an especially difficult week in the way our president has chosen to act, yet our citizens still choose to interact with kindness, respect, and generosity. I am thankful to live in a world where other people forgive mess-ups and are willing to help, even when our president sets a bad example.

Now, I choose to pay it forward, not just because I was on the receiving end this week, but because that's what our world needs.
September 23 2017 - Podcast review
Ear Hustle
I have a new favorite podcast on my radar. Well, I don't think anything will ever beat Reply All, but this one is a close second. It's called Ear Hustle and it comes to us from San Quentin State Prison. It's about life inside prison, and it is incredibly eye opening. Two prisoners, Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams work with artist Nigel Poor to bring us this podcast.

I have a much better understanding of what happens in prison, especially the rehabilitation that goes on. This podcast has turned prisoners from intangible numbers to real people, with families, personalities, emotions, and stories. So far, there have been episodes about cellmates, unwritten rules of prison, solitary confinement, and more.

Ear Hustle helps me feel empathy, and I suggest you listen to it!
September 20 2017 - Video of the day
This video makes me laugh, cry, and feel thankful for my face.
September 17 2017 - Thought of the day
Fit with Friends vs The ATL Showdown
I have these two projects, which I love. But there's something interesting I noticed about them. People are much more interested in The ATL Showdown than Fit with Friends. I know, I know, it's relevant now to people in Atlanta. People want to learn about the mayoral race but the don't know where to start, to the ATL Showdown gives them a way to do that.

Still, the difference between the responses I get to the two are interesting. The ATL Showdown is something people want to consume right now, whereas Fit with Friends receives reactions with more hesitation.

No startup or project will ever be easy, and let's be honest, The ATL Showdown isn't making money, but creating something that is relevant now certainly acquires interest quickly and easily.
September 14 2017 - Picture of the day
September 12 2017 - Thought of the day
The Free and Rowdy Party
Hey! Heard of the Free and Rowdy Party? Want to go? Sounds awesome, right??

What if I told you this was the name of a political party in Atlanta, GA in the mid 19th century. The first three mayors of Atlanta were in the Free and Rowdy party. Then the fourth mayor of Atlanta was in the Moral party. You just can't make this stuff up, people.

I wonder how many more millennials would be involved in politics if instead we had a Free and Rowdy Party these days.
September 9 2017 - Thought of the day
Creativity rut
Sometimes I find myself in a creativity rut. I wonder where all my creativity goes and why I can't use it.

Has my brain become so cluttered with other things that there's no room for creativity? Have I used it all up? Has something else pushed the creativity to the side, out my ears, and let it escape? Am I looking in the wrong places for my creativity? Am I passed my spending limit? Do I need to coax it out? Should I send out a search party?

Or maybe the creativity was there all along, waiting for me to notice it, to sit with it, and to care for it.
September 5 2017 - Internet awesomeness
The ATL Showdown
My newest project. A podcast about the mayoral election and drama in Atlanta. It can be found here: www.atlshowdown.com
September 2 2017 - Internet awesomeness
The Squirrel Census
Some people took a census of all the squirrels in a park in Atlanta. They are my heroes.
August 30 2017 - Internet awesomeness
The Queen of Shade
Newsflash! Aretha Franklin, the Queen of soul... is actually the Queen of throwing SHADE! Thanks to The Cooler, I am a certified expert in the lifelong drama surrounding this woman who demands our respect. Take note, here are some of the shadiest feats of the Queen.

Erma Franklin, Aretha's sister, was in talks to sign a record deal. Aretha wasn't happy about this, because of #jealousy and because "people would be confused by too many singing Franklin sisters." So Aretha had her sister's record deal canceled.

Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle are typically snubbed and not acknowledged by Aretha at public events.

Beyonce called Tina Turner "The Queen" at the 2008 Grammys. This was Aretha's response "I am not sure of whose toes I may have stepped on or whose ego I may have bruised between the Grammy writers and Beyoncé. However, I dismissed it as a cheap shot for controversy. I thank the Grammys and the voting academy for my 20th Grammy and love to Beyoncé anyway."

Aretha calls Natalie King Cole "just a beginner" and describes Alicia Keys as a "young performer, good writer."

At Whitney Houston's funeral, Dionne Warwick "claimed" that Aretha was Whitney's Godmother. Well, technically, that's not true. So FIVE YEARS after the funeral, Aretha sends a FAX to the Associated Press to clarify that she was asked to be Whitney's Godmother but declined because she was too busy.
August 27 2017 - Thought of the day
Inanimate objects that are actually the devil, a complete list
1. Printers
August 24 2017 - Song of the day
August 21 2017 - Eclipse day!
The sounds of the eclipse
August 21st marks a momentous solar eclipse.
As I watched in the park I heard these words from many lips.

"It's so close!" came a shriek somewhere from my right.
"Look at the sun! Look at the light!"

"It looks so weird, the sun is so skinny!"
Dad says, "Watch my demonstration with this penny."

Everyone was laying, looking up at the sky,
With strange looking glasses to cover each eye.

"There's a full eclipse right now in Kentucky"
"OMG" she said, "we are so lucky!"

"Astrology says to wish something bad to go away,
And for something good to happen in the next few days."

"What's the difference between 97 and 98?"
"Hurry!" he said, "don't be late!"

"Look, mommy, look" said the girl in the dress.
She replied, "it's happening soon, I would guess."

Next thing we knew, the moon took center stage.
"Ohhhh, ahhh" gasped people of all age.

It feels cool and the world looks darker.
The sun is a smile, drawn with a marker.

"So cool!!" "That's it?" "I think I'm enamored."
Those words arise from above the clamor.

The moon is still flowing, but our day must get going.
The sounds of the eclipse brought such cheer,
We'll meet back here, in a hundred years!
August 18 2017 - Questions of the day
I have some questions
1. What does it mean to be good?
2. Are we alone in the universe?
3. Why are we alive?
4. What do we do with the time we have?
5. Where do we go after we die?
6. Where were we before we were born?
7. What does it mean to have a soul?
8. What is true?
9. What is real?
10. Is there a God?
11. What does God do?
12. Does God have a sex or gender?
13. How much don't we know?
14. Will we ever learn?
15. Do we want to learn?
16. What is love?
17. What is time?
18. Why do we feel?
19. Is everyone lonely?
20. How do I make it worth it?

If you have any of the answers to any of these questions, please let me know.
August 15 2017 - Thought of the day
Making stuff
Maybe you've noticed, but I like to make stuff! I've been found digging through dumpsters and picking up trash to turn into treasure. Most of the things hanging on my walls were made by me. This mini blog is here to provide a creativity outlet. I love taking a blank Google Spreadsheet and turning it into something awesome (like a game or a budget).

Recently, a friend emailed me saying that he was thinking about starting a podcast. I became so excited, just at the thought that he was going to make something creative, and put into motion an idea he had.

That's what I think life is about. Taking ideas outside of your head. Creating. Making. Doing. I love the idea that we can say, forget what's out there, I'm going to make something that comes from inside of me. A creative life is one well lived.
August 12 2017 - Internet Awesomeness
Confetti... duh
Hello, here is the absolute best chrome extension I have ever seen. It's called Confetti! Confetti all over! Just hit command B on a mac, and confetti falls all over your internet browser. It's seriously amazing. Please go download it now.
August 9 2017 - Video of the day
Laugh break
Suddenly this micro blog feels too serious. We need a laugh break.
August 6 2017 - Thought of the day
It's my drum
So I have this startup, Fit with Friends. Maybe you've heard of it. It's incredible. It's life giving, creative, fun, challenging, and it's made a difference in the lives of many of the people who use it. You can learn more here if you're interested. But as of now, we're here to talk about the journey of an entrepreneur.

Recently, I've felt that the only way to be successful with Fit with Friends is to behave as if everything is urgent. Isn't this what we're told? All entrepreneurs urgently work their tails off, day and night, sacrificing family, relationships, rest, and hobbies. I must move quickly or the opportunity will be gone. It's now or never. I have to be doing 10,000 at once at all hours of the day or I won't be successful. Go! Hurry! If you don't make a budget like this, you will fail. If you don't market that way, you're doing it wrong. Now, Emma! Go!

Those voices become so overwhelming. I found myself in a place where instead of enjoying Fit with Friends, I felt lost, confused, lonely, and frustrated. The voice I heard was telling me that 90% of startups fail and asking why I think I can succeed. The voices of other people telling me what to do, defining success and failure, and reminding me how difficult this journey is cluttered my mind.

Something had to change.

As a woman who is decidedly marching to the beat of my own drum, I found myself being swallowed up by voices and people, trying to show me the ONE right way. I became so paralyzed with fear, confusion, and frustration that at the end of my wits, I decided the only thing I could do would be to step back, rest, clear my head, and think.

It was then, after taking a break from listening to other people's opinions, guidance, direction, and voices, that I began to hear my own voice.

I was reminded why I started Fit with Friends. I love creating, helping, being challenged, trying new things, and finding community. I was reminded that all of these people who offer advice are doing this to help me, but at the end of the day, everything is my decision. I am the expert. It's my drum.

Moving forward, I am confident that I am following my own path. I march to the beat of my own drum. I am a woman who stands firm in my identity, no matter if it stands out. My startup story will be different than yours. It will be mine. And I'm ok with that.

Stepping back to refocus wasn't something that I planned on doing. It came at a time when I felt lost, alone, and confused. But taking a few days off of nose to the ground work was beyond helpful in reminding me why I choose to do this, and who I am.
August 3 2017 - Quote of the day
July 31 2017 - Thought of the day
But what didn't happen?
What happens is often as important as what didn't happen. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a short story about a Sherlock Holmes mystery tilted "Silver Blaze." In investigating a murder, Sherlock notices what didn't happen.

Gregory: "Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?"
Holmes: "To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time."
Gregory: "The dog did nothing in the night-time."
Holmes: "That was the curious incident.

Because the dog didn't bark in the night, the perpetrator must have been someone the victim knew!

It can be hard enough for me to notice what's in front of my nose, so taking it to the next level and noticing what isn't there is really difficult for me. But I'm making it my August goal to think through situations and see them clearly for what they are and what they aren't.

What happened? What didn't happen? What were my expectations? What were things that I now see which didn't occur at the time?

I'm not sure what I will get out of this exercise, but I am hopeful to continue learning how to think critically, be present, and notice more.
July 28 2017 - Suggestions of the day
Worthwhile media to consume (in my opinion)
It's not all crap out there. Here are some of my favorite things to hear, read, and watch.

1. Reply All - the best podcast of all time
2. Death, Sex, and Money - another great podcast on things we should talk about more often
3. Where'd You Go Bernadette - hilarious, sad, wonderful book by Maria Semple
4. The Journal - a monthly email by Kevin Rose
5. Girlboss - a Netflix original about how it feels to be a millennial woman in the world
6. Float On - a great cover by Gwen Harris
7. The Hustle - a daily email with the round up of the news, one of the best
8. 5 Best Ideas of the Day - from the Aspen Institute, a collection of provocative ideas
July 25 2017 - Quote of the day
What we already know is only a fraction of what's possible.
July 22 2017 - Review
Trash into treasure, part two
A plug for a new favorite company in Atlanta, Compostwheels! Thanks to Compostwheels, I am able to turn my "spoils into soil." Being raised in a household that composted in our backyard meant that I grew up with an appreciation for keeping food scraps out of the trash. Since then, I've also learned how trash affects our environment, and how much we love our earth by reducing waste through composting and recycling. I am thrilled to be able to compost in my city apartment, especially because it doesn't take any work on my end!

Compostwheels comes by (on bicycles!!) once a week, takes my compost, and turns my trash into dirt! All I have to do is put my compost in the bucket and set it on the front porch of my apartment. I swear, if this isn't magic, I don't know what is.

Thank you compost wheels for making all my environmental dreams come true, with such little effort on my end! #livingthedream #thecompostdream #whatever

July 19 2017 - Thought of the day
Stay busy or be present?
My friend and I had a conversation about what we think life is about. As two do-ers, we think life is about doing, going, and being busy. We thrive off of having a full calendar. We feel guilty when we don't have something to do. Rest is for 80 year olds, but the time to live is now!

Her husband thinks life is about being still and present. He's not afraid to slow down. He thinks life is to be experienced by taking things in, by stopping, resting, and spending time with those you love. He finds fulfillment in the slow and restful days.

As a millennial, this is what I wrestle with daily. I wonder how to make the most out of my time here. Do I fill it to the brim or take it easy and let the experiences come to me? While this comparison feels pretty black or white, I know the truth is that life is gray (or rainbow, as I prefer). It's not one or the other, it's about finding a balance that feeds your soul. My hope is that I will live in a way that allows me to take in my experiences, be mindful, and make a contribution to our society, as I walk through this rainbow colored world.
July 16 2017 - Celebration
It's party time!
Fit with Friends recently celebrated 18 months of existence! I am absolutely thrilled, amazed, and stunned that we've come this far! It's hard to believe that a year and a half ago I was gearing up for the very first Fit with Friends (or Get Fit 2016) challenge.

It's through this program that I've seen communities come together and accomplish amazing things. Not only have we completed an exorbitant amount of exercise, but real health outcomes are happening because of the Fit with Friends motivation, accountability, competition, and community. I am so grateful for the Fit with Friend-ites willingness to try new things, help work out the kinks, provide feedback, and be supportive of me and each other.

We've accomplished more than I would have ever dreamed of. Participants are sharing that they are losing weight, learning more about health, trying new things, hearing better reports from their doctors, and have an increased sense of community. By this measure, Fit with Friends is a raging success! I can't wait to see where the Fit with Friend-ites leads us from here!

To say that the past year and a half has been one big growing experience is an extreme understatement. I've learned about myself as a human, as a woman, as an adult, as an employee, and as a creative. I accomplished things I didn't know I was capable of. I'm in the process of learning how to build a business. I made decisions about marketing, budgeting, branding, business development, and customer service that were all new to me. I tried, persisted, gave up, continued, fell flat on my face, cried, rejoiced, got uncomfortable, and grew.

I can't wait to see what happens in the coming months and years of Fit with Friends. I am excited for lots of work, growing, and learning. With the Fit with Friends community beside me, I am excited to move forward together!
July 13 2017 - Thought of the day
Role model commonalities
As of today, I'd tell you that I have two role models. As I walked down the street to pick up some free things left on the side of the road, I realized that both my role models are thrifty dumpster divers. Bernadette Fox, a fictional character from Where'd You Go Bernadette, and Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal Vintage and Girlboss are two women who I identify with, admire, and am inspired by.

Beyond being dumpster diving women, here are a few more things they have in common with each other, particularly qualities I aspire to emulate:
1. They follow their own path
2. They work really hard
3. They don't care in the slightest what other people think about them
4. They march to the beat of their own drum
5. They fail hard, but learn how to get back up
6. They are creative badasses!
July 11 2017 - Reading of the day
Google knows all
We lie on surveys, but we don't lie to Google. You must read more of this fascinating article. It's long but very worth it.
July 8 2017 - Reclaimed art
Trash into treasure
July 5 2017 - Suggestions of the day
Asking your family for help
Recently I had to teach some fitness classes for diverse populations that made me feel nervous. I took to my family group text to find some support. Here are some of the suggestions and encouragement I received.

Kids fitness class:
1. Run em in circles
2. Sunny Day Stretch, laying on your back with your hands behind your head
3. Talk slow so the time goes by quicker
4. Have them run in circles and jump up and down, it's so easy
5. Read a book to them

Senior citizen fitness class:
1. Have them joust in rolly chairs with their canes
2. Do the same thing you did for the kids classes
3. Don't worry, they probably won't die in class
July 1 2017 - Thought of the day
I'm 23. I am an adult, even though I am still the size of a child. Here's what I've learned about adulthood.

1. No one is perfect. To kids, adults seem to know everything. They seem perfect, all knowing, and often so put together. As I become an adult, I see how that's not true. In some cases, children are hidden from the full truth, in other cases, we are just too blind to see it. I've learned that we are all deeply flawed humans. No one has all the answers. We are all trying our best, but most of us show our imperfections, daily. I'm learning to love others through flaws, just as I know I am loved through my flaws.

2. I am the expert. I've spent the past 23 years thinking that someone else knew best. I always thought that I was supposed to look to someone else, at least for guidance and help, if not to point me to the best decision. I've learned that as an adult, I am the expert. I know myself best so can be confident in making the right choice. Though I can ask others for help, I am the one who has to own my decisions and I trust myself to make the best ones.

3. I have control. At the end of the day, I am in control of most of my life. While I can't always decide what happens to me and what life throws my way, I can decide how I will respond to it. I get to choose how I spend my time, who's opinion is important, what I wear, where I live, what I choose to believe, and how I react.
June 28 2017 - Quote of the day
June 25 2017 - Review
Girlboss review
Based on the life and book by Sophia Amoruso, Girlboss is a Nextflix original show that I binge watched. Several times. Though it hasn't gotten good reviews from critics, I would argue that it is a wonderful and accurate portrayal of what it's like to tackle a difficult challenge as a millennial woman.

Sophia is a free spirited and strong willed woman. She questions the way of the world and chooses to forge her own path. It takes time, trial and error, and hard work. She doesn't always find "success" on her first try, but she remains true to herself through her whole process. I found it inspiring to watch a woman march through a predominately man's world while staying true to herself.

Critics called Sophia unlikeable, and suggested that she didn't have any redeeming qualities. She's shown as selfish, a shoplifter, and dare I say, bossy. But through all that, I see a wild woman trying to figure out what she wants and how to live her life. Through her slightly erratic behavior, we see that she stops at nothing to build this company and make her customers happy. She's most certainly bossy because she's founding a company. I'd even argue that if the main character was a man, people would love him.

Although the series didn't show many details about the building of Nasty Gal Vintage, it did an incredible job so showing the feelings and emotions of young woman taking on a new challenge. As I watched, I deeply empathized with Sophia. She portrayed all of the feelings that I've experienced as a millennial woman starting a business and questioning the way of the world. At the end of the day, I would rather watch a dramatization about someone's life and be able to empathize with them than watch something with all the details of creating a business.

It was refreshing to see a series with a young, powerful, female lead, who chooses to forge her own path. I loved watching a show that didn't revolve around a romance, and was about a woman who didn't care to fit in. From my millennial point of view, I loved Girlboss, and would absolutely recommend it to others looking for a binge worthy show.
June 22 2017 - Quote of the day
You're going to take over the world and change it in the process.
- Sophia Amoruso
June 19 2017 - Thoughts from a 3 year old
"Hey Campbell, why do you think that man is cutting a branch off that tree in the park?"
"Maybe because it has goose poop on it"
June 16 2017 - Quote of the day
June 13 2017 - Idea of the day
Public transit badges
As a self-proclaimed public transit nerd, I wonder what would happen if we gamified public transportation by giving people virtual badges for completing certain tasks and accomplishments. Here are a few possibilities for a train or subway system:

1. Traveling to each station on a certain line, or all lines
2. Recognizing the voice of the conductor
3. Becoming first name basis with a transit employee
4. Recognizing the regulars on your commute
5. Helping someone who is obviously a transit noob
6. Completing the run and successfully catching the train before it pulls away
June 10 2017 - Thought of the day
Child-like play
You guys. I have to face the facts. I am an adult. Ahhhhhh! Although I am learning how to embrace said "adulthood," I don't want to lose sight of childlike play. I think this is what keeps me creative, free from burn out, and filled with joy. Here are some things I am striving to do this summer to remain youthful and free spirited.

1. Jump on a trampoline
2. Play Wii games
3. Have a cannonball contest in a pool
4. Mimic modern art at a museum
5. Have a dance party in my kitchen
6. Blow bubbles
7. Build a fort
June 7 2017 - Video of the day
My favorite person
How this mini-blog has gone on 4 months without any mention of this guy is beyond me. Enjoy.

June 5 2017 - Idea of the day
No apartment is complete without a housewarming party, that is actually a breakfast potluck in an empty, completely unfurnished apartment. And obviously the most appropriate theme is "You ate WHAT for BREAKFAST?"

If you need inspiration for what to bring to your housewarming breakfast potluck, please see below.

June 2 2017 - Thought of the day
The pitch competition
I told my friend I am going to a pitch competition next week. He suggested I participate by pitching a fit. I let him know I would rather attend the competition and pitch a tent. Maybe I can even throw out the first pitch. The English language is interesting and confusing.
May 30 2017 - Observation of the day
Bicycle parts vending machine
On my commute today, I saw a bicycle parts vending machine in downtown Atlanta, and had to stop and take another look. My thoughts ranges from surprise to dismay, excitement to intrigue.

My observations of this vending machine were that it had a solar panel on top, it was very local to Atlanta, it was difficult to tell who actually funded it and put it there. The prices ranged from $1 to $20, and inside were a bunch of different things like bike locks, sunscreen, tubes, hand warmers, and more. While I love this idea and so support commuting, I have a few lingering questions.

Who purchases things out of this? How many cyclists really ride past this area? Do people want to purchase something when they can't see and feel the packaging to get a closer look inside? How often do people say "oh man, I really need a bike light right now! If only there was a vending machine..."?

This is a very interesting concept, and I am looking forward to learning more about it!

May 27 2017 - Thought of the day
Emoji interpretations
Our new language is emoji. Let's face it. (Literally... ha!) This is how we communicate now, with symbols instead of words. And while there are very many arguments to be made about how this is efficient and effective, there is one problem with the translation of emojis.

Emojis look different on different operating systems. Samsung (most Androids), iOS, and Google all have different emoji sets. If I send a message from one iPhone to another, we both see the same exact emoji, and the message stays the same. But if I send a message from an iPhone to an Android, the emoji actually looks different on the two phones.

The operating systems and how they create our emojis control over whether or not the people on either end of the phone receive the same message, as the emojis get translated from one person to another.

For example, the iPhone and Samsung "heart eyes" emoji look very different. The iPhone says "I'm happy, excited and I like that" while the Samsung emoji feels much more lustful and almost inappropriate. The message changes, with the emoji. Similarly the eye roll emoji can be interpreted very differently based on your operating system. The iPhone says "I am annoyed and rolling my eyes about this" while the Samsung version says "I'm innocent, and laughing at my self." These are no where close to the same message.

While emojis are great and serve their purpose well, there is a chance that your message will get lost in translation. Proceed cautiously with your heart eyes, smiley faces, eye rolls, and grimaces.
May 25 2017 - Question of the day
How do you create ideas that are surprising and full of wonder?
OK Go says these are ideas that are not thought of, but they are found. It's difficult to create something new, wonderful, and surprising if we are sitting, searching through our head for old ideas.

Instead of sitting around and thinking of ideas, we need to get messy. OK Go, says the creative process is putting different new pieces together in new ways. We do this by getting in the middle of the chaos, playing, trying something new, putting different pieces together, failing, and finally finding an idea.
May 22 2017 - Internet awesomeness
Shea Hembrey becomes 100 artists
If you don't do anything else today, watch this. I am rolling over with laughter and in awe of his creativity!

May 19 10 2017 - Internet Awesomeness
What kind of idiot gets phished?
Yeah, sure, a third of my posts are about Reply All, but it's my mini blog and I will do what I want. Their latest episode about phishing made me laugh out loud and text people in all caps about it. Do yourself a favor and listen.
May 17 2017 - Quote of the day
May 15 2017 - Internet awesomeness
Not quite there yet...
I'm a millennial, so of course I am a fan of all things tech. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, mixed reality, ubiquitous computing, and etc are inevitable, and I believe they are going to make our world a better place.

But here's a reminder that artificial intelligence isn't quite ready to take over the world yet.
May 12 2017 - Thought of the day
8am cupcakes
A few weeks ago, I met a friend at the MARTA station, and we sat outside on a bench eating cupcakes at 8am. Why, you ask? Because we can.

I have control over my own life. I get to make my decisions and choose what happens in my life, and how I respond to the things I can't control. I get to make my own life interesting. One way I choose to do that is by eating cupcakes on a bench outside the MARTA station at 8am. I dare you to try it.
May 9 2017 - Internet awesomeness
You need this. I need this. We all need printed pancakes.

May 6 2017 - Thought of the day
Public health emails
When you work in Public Health, you recieve emails with very interesting subject lines. See below...

"obesity interview request"
"FW: Piggly Wiggly Express"
"positive pregnancy"
"public assistance fraud"
"electroconvulsive therapy"
"HIV/Syphilis Update"
May 3 2017 - Quote of the day
April 30 2017 - Thought of the day
The True Bitch Goddess Process
Sometimes hard things happen and there are days when I feel angry, disappointed, or sad. Luckily there is a process, I've learned... or created. Similar to the five stages of grief, read on to find the seven stages of the True Bitch Goddess Process, taking you from a crappy day to a great one!

Before we get started with the seven stages, there are a few things to do to get set up. Play a TBG playlist like this one, then invite a homie over to help you get through this process.

1. Let loose on your grocery shopping, preferably at 11pm! To not let food go bad, I've been avoiding buying salad ingredients until I finished some of my other food, but a late night shopping trip means it's time to release the salads. It's also appropriate to buy 600% more than the three items you had on your list when walking into the grocery store. Choosing to purchase healthy items and making time to prepare for the week ahead is important, even if it means you're pushing a shopping cart around Kroger at 11pm.

2. Exercise! Again, preferably until the wee hours of the morning. My choice of TBG exercise tends to be teaching myself multiple new step combos to use in my classes in the upcoming week, making sure I remember how to teach Pilates, and practicing headstands. This is also known as the 1am endorphin session. A necessary stage in the TBG Process.

3. Work work work. Wake up with vigor and get moving! After a late night of grocery shopping and practicing headstands, it's only appropriate to get to work. As a busy woman, I can productively refocus and reframe my mind. Although I may feel upset, I now have more time to complete the work I need to get done (and if you're an entrepreneur, there is never a lack of work).

4. Plan a trip to Antarctica. Feeling angry and independent is a great time to plan a ten thousand dollar trip. Ha, kidding. But this is something I've been wanting to do for a while (scroll down to find out more), and thinking about how to get to Antarctica and how to pay for it one way I remind myself of all the positive things ahead of me that I am choosing to do.

5. Fix and clean everything in the house then strategically decorate. This is where you assert your control over the material things in your home. Show that dirt who's boss! I started by cleaning and rearranging the one and only messy area in my home, the porch, then hung some favorite pictures around my room! Mixing up the decorations in my room reminded me that I have so much choice in my life. Not only can I choose how my room looks, but I can also choose how to respond to situations that make me feel upset.

6. Think, learn, and reflect. Stages one through five are very active. While taking your mind off of things can be very positive, there is a time to sit with your feelings, recognizing them and allowing them to be there. Yes, I feel upset! I feel angry and let down. I feel surprised. I feel disappointed. But I am also ready to move forward, and see that I can! After 24 hours in the TBG Process, I know I have control over my feelings, my reactions and my attitude. I can learn from each setback and productively move forward!

7. Write a blog post about it. Duh, people.
April 28 2017 - Quote of the day
I made this for your husband and kids.
Words to me from the mouth of a 6 year old. Referring to the numbers one through twenty she wrote in Mandarin. Oh, also I'm not married and I don't have kids.
April 25 2017 - Thought of the day
What to do in Antarctica
In an earlier post, I shared how to get to Antarctica. Now I suppose I should let you know what there is to do there once you go.

1. Go on adventures! Once your cruise is in Antarctica, you can go on Zodiac Tours, go Kayaking, camp on the great white continent, and even take the most extreme Polar Plunge in the history of Polar Plunges.

2. There are lots of different areas of Antarctica to explore. Port Lockroy is a natural antarctic harbor that hosts a tiny museum and a post office, where you can send a letter from Antarctica! You can also cruise through the still and beautiful waters of the Lemaire Channel. Another top antarctic destination is Deception Island, the caldera of an active volcano.

3. View awesome wildlife. While penguins are usually the first antarctic animal to come to mind, you can also see whales, seals, birds, and cool fish. I do regret to inform you that you will not see any polar bears, as they are only located in the North Pole.

4. Look at it! You are in Antarctica, people! Hang out on icebergs, look around to see the beautiful blues and grays. This is a rare sight to be seen, so I'd suggest taking some good long looks at this continent.

5. Go to the South Pole and declare that the world revolves around you. (Ok, logistically, this may be a challenge, but a girl can dream...)

Rumor has it that this place is melting quicker than we'd like it to. Sidebar, it's time to change some of our habits... and it's time to get going!

April 23 2017 - Question of the day
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?
Are you flimsy? Tossed to and fro? Easily breakable? Are you used as a pooper scooper? Do people cringe at the sound of you crumpling? Are you meltable? A suffocation hazard? Are you actually replaceable by something reusable?
April 20 2017 - Internet awesomeness
People. Listen to this podcast. Reply All has a new segment called "Why is everybody so mad and do I have to be mad also?" The theme song is amazing.

Here are some things I've decided you should be mad about. Listed in order from slight annoyance to raging furry.

1. MARTA Haters
2. Random candles showing up in your food
3. 65 million dollars given to sexual abusers
4. Someone has tricked me
5. Our president
6. Global Warming Deniers
7. Racism and sexism
8. People who don't treat people as people
April 18 2017 - Quote of the day
April 15 2017 - Internet awesomeness
What? I'm not biased or anything.
April 12 2017 - Question of the day
What are you doing to make life interesting?
April 10 2017 - Internet awesomeness?
Friendly Reminder
Your friendly reminder that the group, The Chainsmokers, with the hits Closer and Don't Let Me Down, is still the same group that created the song #SELFIE.

April 8 2017 - Anecdote of the day
You Lazy Bum?
Fit with Friends started off titled "Get Fit 2016." Seeing how it's 2017 and this thing is still going, it was obvious that a name and branding makeover needed to happen. I asked the smartest and most creative people I know, the amazing users!

Here are a few names they came up with. Some aaaalmost made it to the top of the list. Others... well you can decide for yourself.

  1. Fit Happens
  2. Fitr Togethr
  3. Get Fit, Friends
  4. Get Fit Friends
  5. Get Fit, Get Friends
  6. Become Fit
  7. Get Really Fit
  8. You Lazy Bum
April 5 2017 - Internet Awesomeness
Internet of things, explained by a podcast
Need internet memes explained to you? Want to know what's on the dark web? Need an excuse to reply to an email you've been putting off for months? Was Pizza Rat real!?

Find out on my favorite podcast, Reply All!

April 3 2017 - Thought of the day
How to get to Antarctica
I was researching this topic because I want to travel to Antarctica before I am 30, and figured you may be interested as well. There are a few options of different ways to get there. I'm choosing the most mainstream and cheapest route, and will explain that one here. If you're interested in other options, check out this great resource!

1. Your trip will have to take place between November and March, Antartica's summer. The days are longer in the summer. Don't expect to go to the south pole, so unfortunately you will not be able to stand at the south pole and declare that the world literally revolves around you. Only scientists go to the South Pole so we are just going to the tip of Antarctica.

2. Fly to Ushuaia, in South Argentina. Depending on where you are flying from, tickets will be at least $1,500. You will want your round trip ticket to be at least two weeks to make time for traveling and the cruise. Rumor has it that Ushuaia is a fun place to explore, and that it's a great idea to spend a day there before starting your trek to the great land of ice.

Your flight will probably take you through Buenos Aires. If you're looking for more adventure, you can also plan a few stops through South America before landing in Ushuaia. Expect to your travel from the US to Ushuaia to take at least 24 hours.

3. Take a cruise from Ushuaia to Antarctica! There are lots of different cruise options that last anywhere from 8 days to 24 days. It takes two days to get to Antarctica, which is when you cross the tumultuous waters of the Drake Passage. Then you will have a few days to sail around Antarctica, before coming back to Ushuaia.

Why the heck would anyone want to go to Antarctica and what are you going to do there? We'll get to those questions at a later date, people.
April 1 2017 - Thought of the day
Un-curated Social Media
Venmo is the only "un-curated" social media out there right now. Either your friends or the public can see your the description of your payment transactions, and the other party of the transaction. Although you cannot see the amount of money in the transaction, we can learn a lot about people through their payment history, and with whom they are exchanging money. Without a profile, pictures, and statuses, it's much harder to curate your Venmo history to make it look as appealing, as a Facebook or Instagram.

If you want to learn about someone's real life... just check Venmo.
March 29 2017 - Internet awesomeness
Clickbait... but for literature. #yesplease
March 26 2017 - Internet... awesomeness?
March 23 2017 - Anecdote of the day
Faith in humanity - restored!
Yesterday as I was walking to a friend's house from the MARTA station, a woman in her car pulled up next to me and rolled down her window. The neighborhood I was walking through is not one of the nicest, and is known for crime more than anything else (unfortunately, even through there are some amazing residents and very rich history). I wasn't sure what she was going to say.

To my surprise, she called out her window and asked if everything was ok. She had seen a man follow me out from the MARTA station, and circled her car around the block to check on me and make sure I was ok. Even though I had no idea this happened and felt fine, I was overwhelmed with gratitude that a stranger would take the time to check on another stranger walking through her neighborhood!

Although it was a small gesture to circle around the block and check on me, I am so grateful to know that there are people in the world to take the time and effort to care for their "neighbors" and their community. As I go about my week, I will do my best to love my neighbors, my community, and my fellow earth inhabitants in similar ways that this woman loved and cared for me.

Thank you for reminding me of the good in the world, kind neighbor!
March 21 2017 - Quote of the day
March 17 2017 - Question of the day
How would you look at people differently if you truly believed everyone was doing their best?
In a more serious question of the day, this is a thought I have been mulling over for a long time. It comes from Brene Brown's Rising Strong.

I would so much rather live in a world where I believe people are truly doing the very best they can at each moment. Things become much less personal, and I can be full of hope instead of fear and anger.
March 14 2017 - Internet awesomeness
And today we bring to you another installation of "Can You Make It Through This Post Without Laughing!?"
March 11 2017 - Internet awesomeness
Driller Mike
Georgia's Senate honored Atlanta rapper, Killer Mike and named a giant, custom-built drill being used to build an emergency back-up water supply for the city, "Driller Mike." Yes please. #rapmeetsthecap
March 7 2017 - Internet awesomeness
Why there are two teams with the name "Maroons" and a team called "The Triangles" is beyond me, but it's always a good idea to know trivia about former NFL franchises. Unfortunately "Widow-Makers" hasn't been an NFL team name... yet.
March 5 2017 - Quote of the day
I'm not worried about it, that's what ingeniuity and insomnia are for.
From "Where'd You Go Bernadette" by Maria Semple. Bernadette on building a potentially crab-walking housing and research structure in the South Pole, and also the motto of my life.
March 3 2017 - Internet awesomeness
Feb 28 2017 - Question of the day
Would you take the stairs instead of the elevator if you got to hit a piñata each time you went up and down the stairs?
Get healthy, make environmentally conscious choices and have fun?
Feb 24 2017 - Poem of the day
A poem about public transportation
Riding the escalator as it goes down,
Blood pressure goes round and round.
Listening, shhh, what's that I hear?
Is that my train coming near?

Beating grows louder in my heart,
Oh, I hope I don't miss the MART!
Pulse speeds up, legs run down,
As I poke my head around.

There's my train in the station,
I need to get to my destination!
Quickly down the stairs I go,
I cannot be a second too slow!

Please, train, don't pull away too soon...
I chase it like a Looney Tune!
Sweat beats down my neck,
I gotta get my breathing in check!

In the nick of time, to the train I run,
Doors close behind me and I have won!

Each day starts with a pounding in my chest,
As I hope to pass MARTA's test!
Feb 21 2017 - Internet awesomeness
The world needs this.
Feb 19 2017 - Quote of the day
Feb 17 2017 - Thought of the day
I wonder if holographic confetti would have the same magical effect as paper confetti.
But without all the mess...
Feb 15 2017 - Internet awesomeness
When the NBA banned trash talking on social media, sarcastic nice tweets were obviously the only answer.
Feb 10 2017 - Poem of the day
A poem about the library
Of course we should write poems about public spaces...

If you need somewhere to work
That costs no money
There's one place I suggest
It's the public library!

DVDs and magazines
CDs and books galore
Free WiFi all day long
What more could you ask for?

Learn and work at this place
Without much vanity
Interact with others
In the web of humanity

Everyone is welcome
To come to this great place
Your tax dollars paid for it
Don't let them go to waste!
Feb 6 2017 - Question of the day
Can you think of a more intimidating name for a sports team than "The Widow Makers"?
I seriously doubt you can.
Feb 2 2017 - Internet awesomeness
I dare you to make it through this whole Buzzfeed post without laughing out loud.
Jan 30 2017 - Quote of the day
All happiness depends on courage and work
- Honore de Balzac
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