Emma D'Antoni
Welcome to my corner of the internet!
I'm Emma, an energetic millennial, an early adopter, a go-getter, a creative thinker, and a big dreamer! My passion is making ideas come to life, for myself and for others. Keep scrolling to learn more!
Just 'cause somethin' ain't been done, don't mean it can't be did.
- Shel Silverstein
Creator of Fit with Friends
2016 - Present
I created then monetized an engaging, innovative fitness and wellness tracking program which influences users to increase daily activity and lead a healthy lifestyle.
An intro to Fit with Friends
Content Writer
2017 - Present
I write blogs, social media posts, and emails for nonprofit organizations in their own voice.
A sample of my work
Group Fitness Instructor
2014 - Present
I teach fun, safe, effective fitness classes in a community oriented environment. Games, motivation, musicality, creativity, themes, and laughter are all common in the classes I teach!
6:30 am can be fun!
Podcast Host
In the midst of a crazy mayoral election, I created a podcast to inform friends and neighbors about our local politics. I researched, edited, and hosted the podcast.
ATL Showdown
Interim Event Coordinator
In managing an event for a local nonprofit, I led a team of volunteers and staff members through planning, implementation and follow up to raise over $50,000.
AmeriCorps Member
While collaborating with community partners to increase graduation rates in New Mexico, I designed and created video and print materials used in our initiatives.
Development Assistant
I played a role in increasing the capacity of a local nonprofit gym, Urban Perform, by implementing a CRM system, creating annual reports, and collaborating with community members.
The Urban Perform annual report
While my formal education took place at NC State University, my education is far from over as I consider myself a student of the world! With books, articles, online classes, self taught lessons, and submersion in diverse experiences, my education continues on each day.
North Carolina State University

2012 - 2015
Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management - Program Management
Graduated Summa Cum Laude, 3.9
Courses include:
Event Planning
Diversity & Inclusion in Recreation
Nonprofit Leadership & Development
Management of Recreation Facilities
Leadership & Supervision in Recreation
Services, Facilities and Event Marketing
Recreation Program Management
I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.
- Albert Einstein
Find my design, projects, and creative work below!
You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort. But you can't choose both.
- Brene Brown

- Sketch for Mac
- Adobe Products
- Salesforce
- Basic HTML and CSS

- Public Speaking
- Active Listening
- Writing

- Design Thinking
- Teamwork
- Diversity and Inclusion
- Project Management

- Community Outreach
- Event Planning
- Customer Service

About Me
I was born in Charlottesville, Virginia and spent the first 18 years of life exploring the world around me. I went to college at North Carolina State University and emerged three years later with the NC State Think and Do attitude, ready to put my experiences in action.

Since graduation, I've worked with businesses, nonprofits, created a podcast, and founded a startup fitness challenge. I am passionate about turning ideas into action and leading a life filled with joy!
The sooner you learn it's on you to make life interesting, the better off you'll be.
- Where'd You Go Bernadette, Maria Semple
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